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Website Verified Badge

Not planned



  • Felicity Ausden

    The badge thing would get my vote - very good idea! I don't know about http/https thing as I am not technical enough for that but as I have my own domain name perhaps not relevant to me.

  • Sue Jubb

    Anything that helps has got to be good.  Would definitely use it.


  • Rosie Hill

    This idea gets thumbs up from me too.

  • Elizabeth Harris

    Good idea - establishing credibility is so important.

  • Jeanette Fisher

    I would be interested in you introducing this badge. Happy to give ID details.

  • PromoteMyPlace Support

    Thanks for your comments. If you could give us exact details of the ID that is requested by other sites it would give us a better idea of how this could be done. We would obviously need a way to verify the documents sent.

  • Nigel Stringer

    Hi Paul, YHM, "Your Holiday Matters" comes to mind. PMP actually recommend them, they are on the partners page, however the link there .com gets a 404. I read on the LMH forum that they gave up back in 2012. Then I discovered a site, this one 

    all looks good, they only want you to have website for a year, 3 references and something else, I forget what and if they are still in business all well and good.........but then there is a big problem.  And for me this is where all falls flat and is possibly why it failed, certainly would not encourage me to join up.

    Here's the problem, If the YHM badge you click on is not genuine then you are encouraged to choose a rental from a list of genuine rentals. There are over 22000 rentals in Portugal and they only have 11, yes 11, owned by 4 owners. For me all credibility goes out the window.

    Why they did this I don't know, better to just do the accreditation and that's all, end of. PMP could do this for very little work and charge a modest fee or even include it as a service.

    They know who we are because we have contracted with them for our pmp website, I don't mind giving 3 references, and Id if they want it. I am not suggesting this is open to the general public just PMP site owners.

    Easy Peasy.



  • Nigel Stringer

    Continuing on from the previous post.

    I recently put my villa on a new site and they had rather a clever way of verifying who I was.

    They asked me to send a scanned photo ID, Then they asked for a current selfie, The info gleaned from the selfie would show date and time and also gps location if that was turned on, and of course the likeness to the photo ID.

    They then asked me to send them an ical link form OwnersDirect or HomeAway or whoever. Obviously only I could get that link by signing into OD. They would then paste the link into one of their own calendars and see that it was genuine and matched my OD Calendar. I guess they would see that I had been with OD for several years because of the number and dates of reviews. Then trusting the fact that I was still on OD that I must be legit, right?


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