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Wesite calendar colours.




  • fiona mackenzie

    Yes, I agree.

  • Liz Whitehead

    Yes and change the name to Unconfirmed Booking as suggested. It is not clear what Unknown means.

  • PromoteMyPlace Support

    'Unknown' has already been changed to 'Provisional'.

    We are now working on making the existing colours more obvious.

    We will also be adding another colour scheme with each status being a different colour, so you will be able to choose which scheme you want to use.

  • PromoteMyPlace Support

    These improvements have now been released.

    We have deepened the shades on the existing calendar colour scheme and removed the blue background for weekend days.

    We have also changed the day headings to include 2 letters for each day rather than 1, so that they are more obvious i.e. Mo, Tu, We.

    You can also now switch the colour scheme of the calendar, by going to 'My Website' > 'Choose & Customise Template' > 'Customise Template'.

    There is now another colour scheme in there under the title 'Availability Calendar Colours'



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