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  • PromoteMyPlace Support

    Thanks for your feedback, we will see if we can make things better. But if the footer menu is not working how you would like you do have the option to remove it altogether by deselecting 'Repeat the main menu in websites footer?', or to create your own footer menu. You can do both of these things in 'Website Basics > Website Pages'.

  • Christopher Lambert

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comment and I now know that Footer menus generally never show Drop downs! I've changed my Menu now so Drop downs are not used so I'm actually in good shape. Nevertheless it might be nice to be able to configure a Back to Top of page button as an alternative to the Footer Menu - just to have another option. Sorry if I seem to be nit picky because overall the software works wonderfully!



  • PromoteMyPlace Support

    No problem Chris. We appreciate the feedback and we've added it to our feature requests for consideration.

  • Nigel Stringer

    This will work but not sure if it has any SEO side effects.

    Type the words "Back to Top" at the bottom of your page, block on it and click the paper clip icon which is hyperlink, copy and paste your pages http............................, click save and you are all done.


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