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  • Bob Yelland

    Hi Jane - yes, totally support this.  I raised the same question today:

    When using the "block dates" function on the Reservations page this only allows you to select a start and end date.  The "Name" field is automatically set as "Unavailable".  Often when blocking dates I am reserving them for friends and family - it would be good to record who or why I have blocked those dates.  If I try to edit the blocked dates entry then it gets turned into a booking - and this gets complex.  All I want to do is to add a few comment words - the Name field would be ideal for this; perhaps "Blocked for: Joe Bloggs".  The "Blocked for:" prefix could be standard with the user providing the name or reason.

    This should be an easy fix as we are just reusing an existing field that is currently set as "unavailable".

  • Toby Wilson

    I agree - this would be a good feature - I was struggling with this a little bit myself today.


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