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Integrated Reservation Manager




  • Michelle Rogers

    I'd also like the ability to choose to add tax separately if I want to display the rate in that way (can add tax onto additional items as well as basic rental cost)  I was advised I had to just include the tax.

    It would be good to have tick options as to whether the booking deposit should should include the extras or not (in the case of pool heating I wouldn't take it in the deposit in case they cancel as it's an extra).  However tax needs to be added to the pool heating charge and there doesn't seem to be the ability to do that so I had to add tax in so it gets a bit messy.

  • Elizabeth Prowse

    I also need to added taxes to the nightly rate and the cleaning fee but not my pool heat, can this be a charge you add as an addition on the reservation page. I am having BIG problems with existing bookings as the amounts are just not working out.


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